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  • Welcome to Santa Monica's neighborhood Compounding Pharmacy.

    Station Pharmacy is a state of the art compounding pharmacy located in the city of Santa Monica CA. Take a look around and see what our custom compounded medications can do for you!

    Compounded Prescriptions provides customized formulations that may be easier and more efficient to administer.

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  • Pharmaceutical compounding is the mixing of drugs by a compounding pharmacist to fit your unique needs.

    Station Pharmacy is known as Santa Monica's Compounding Authority, here are just a few of the Services we offer:

    • Compounded Prescriptions
    • Compounded Vitamins and Supplements
    • Compounded Hormone Prescriptions

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  • Station Pharmacy is a professional Compounding Pharmacy

    We offer all of the conveniences of a regular pharmacy, with the added advantage of compounding prescriptions and vitamins as needed.

    We are conveniently located in the City of Santa Monica.

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    Independent and family owned, Station Pharmacy, is managed by a caring team of professionals who go the extra step to give you the personal touch. Take a break at our coffee and tea bar and enjoy our after hours meetup room.

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Compounding allows healthcare practitioners to prescribe medication specific to their patient's individual needs. Find out how Station Pharmacy Compounding can work for you.

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Station Pharmacy is the Local Authority on Pharmaceutical Compounding in Santa Monica, Califorina

Why Compounding?

Compounding allows healthcare practitioners to prescribe medication specific to their patient's individual needs.
One of the primary benefits of working with Station Compounding Pharmacy is that patients do not have to be limited to the commercially available dosages, strengths, and forms of prescription drugs. Instead, compounded prescriptions can be changed to different formulations that may be more efficient or easier to administer. For example, if a patient has difficulty swallowing pills, the compounding pharmacist can formulate the medication or hormone(s) as a cream or gel. Or, for sensitive patients who require preservative-free or allergen-free prescriptions, a compounding pharmacist can meet these needs by preparing prescriptions accordingly.Read more



One of the main advantages of a compounding pharmacy is the ability to create a customized treatment for the individual skincare needs of all skin types.   Read more


Our specially trained professionals can prepare customized compounded dosage forms that are just what the doctor ordered to help you manage your aches & pains.Read more


Aging diminishes our body's natural production of hormones which leads to heart disease and osteoporosis. Find out if Hormone Replacement Therapy is right for you. Read more


Compounding for pediatric patients is designed to improve compliance and optimize drug therapy based on specific body weight, age and special needs of infants. Read more


Dental compounding can range from preparing special oral hygiene products and pre-operative medications to preparing medications used in the dental surgical suites.Read more


Hormone Replacement Therapy isn't just useful for women. We've compounded hormones to help men dealing with symptoms of Andropause. Read more


By compounding specialized medications we help you and your veterinarian best meet the unique needs of any animal including; Pets, exotics, horses or zoo animals.Read more


Each body reacts differently to vitamin absorption especially when other medications are being taken. We can create the vitamin compound that's just right for you. Read more

Station Pharmacy Provides Free Blood Pressure Screening

Station Pharmacy is a proud member of Wiley Protocol

T.S. Wiley is the author of “Sex, Lies & Menopause,” Harper Collins, 2003, the hypothesis of which explains why postponing marriage and motherhood, women have accelerated the aging process and put themselves in the bull's eye fo... Read more